Mohamed Zaki:

Mohamed Zaki was born in Alexandria, Egypt.
Since he was six years old, his life has centred upon percussion instruments from Egypt, other African countries, India, Spain, and South America.
At the age of ten, MZ started playing for oriental dancers, such as the well-known dancer "Dandash" from Cairo, whom he accom,panied for six years.
He collaborated with the Egyptian pop singer „Mustafa Amar" as weil as with „Natascha Atlas";besides working with oriental performers, he has also temed up with
the symphonic orchetsra in Opole (Poland) or with Guenther Grass (Germany, reading "Novemberland").
MZ also accompanied some well-known German dancers with the Tabla, such as Beata & Horaci Cifuentes, Deva Matisa, Nabila, Sabina Zaida, Nur EI Zaman, Amir Amireen, Marlies Stiene, Cihangir, Leyla Nahrawess, Shahrazad and Negina.
He has been a choreographer and dance teacher for music analysis, cultural studies and stage presence in many oriental dance schools in Germany.

Since 2000, MZ has been living in Bielefeld, where he is a sought-after studio musician. At the same time, he is working on his own music and dance projects.

2001, his first album came out, „Language of Tabla".

In the saure year, he starred in his solo performance show presented during a gala in Munich, which had been organized by Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman, among others.

In 2004, MZ published his second album, „Spirit of Ecypt".

In June, July and August of 2005 there was a four through Turkey with the Cuban Band “Habana Son”.

Live Gigs:
-World Championship 2006 Brenner Park Hotel in Baden-Baden, organized by David and Victoria Beckham.
-World Championship 2006 Sportpark Hotel Marienfeld, Event Portugal by Louis Felipe Scolari.